Commit to this now… Wow I was blown away this morning listening to Cole Hatter. The host was Nick Unsworth from Life on Fire podcast. I actually met him last year at Podcast Movement Conference. Pretty awesome dude…he smelt really good lol

Nick hosted Ignite Your Life Event and brought on Cole Hatter, an investor who who from a wheelchair to millions. You really to should the whole video here.

My quick highlights in the video below.

There is good debt and bad debt know the difference. Cole has made lots of money from good debt.

Money Mindset #1: Never borrow money for things that cost you money. Always pay cash for things that are non-essentials. Black Friday & Christmas shopping definitely goes in this category of bad debt. Consider what this does to your credit. How long will it take for you to pay this off really.

Besides, the first quarter you are actually working for free. If you don’t have a business you are paying 33% on taxes! Plus, letting Uncle Sam give you a hefty refund. Umm its actually your money to begin with but you are a loaning it out at 1%? When most people could actually use an extra $250 a month. Tip: adjust your personal allowances on your W-4. (my lil rant lol)

Money Mindset#2 : Borrow money for 2 things only…Income & Assets. Here are some examples of income: business opportunities, coaching. Assets can be real estate, precious metals such as gold. Essentially you want to appreciate time after time from investing once.

But here is where it gets juicy…

Someone asked Cole if education was good debt or bad debt? Cole believes 100% of the time that education is a good investment. Hmm but borrowing money for it? This depends on the type of education you are getting. This is not a right or wrong issue.

However, lets consider that there was a time in order to be financial secure you needed a degree. Does having a degree in today’s society guarantee anyone a job? Heck no lol. Having a bachelors degree is like water. Lots of my college buddies are not even working in their field of study.

If I was hundreds of thousands in student loan debt but couldn’t get a job. I would say that is bad debt. So what I might do instead is still value education but go into debt to learn how to make more money instead.

Cole Hatter


Oh my gosh this dude is on fire! He just challenged the status quo. This is got to be like the best closing strategy for biz opps, coaching and info products lol. Don’t sleep on this. Cole actually invested over $200,000 cash into his education.

He found someone was an expert and paid charged the card. Because what he learned in exchange allowed him to make 5x times his money back.

Cole believes if it makes you money it costs you nothing. I would take his advice because 4 yrs ago he went from broke to a millionaire in 20 months!

Cole has a for purpose business model these days because he has had it all and lost it. He now can give a certain amount of money or products away in his business and live off a million. He challenges entrepreneurs who want a million dollar lifestyle to aim for 2 mil than give away half.

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