How To Explode Your MLM Business Part 1: Solo Ads

The Difference Between Biz Opp Seekers And Buyer Leads

BY DENLYN BLAKE, Sept 20th, 2016 

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How to explode your MLM business. In part 1, we will be discussing using paid traffic to build our business. Specifically, how to use email traffic source known as solo ads.

In this post, I will define solo ads,  the types of traffic vendors have and the difference between biz opp seekers and buyer leads list. Discover, who is your best prospect and how to attract them.

What Are Solo Ads?

Solo ads allow you tap into someone else’s (aka vendor) list that they have a rapport with and send an email compelling them to click to your capture page. (Also called a squeeze page for the purpose of collect the email and/or name).​

Typically, you want a page that converts between 30-40%. So out of 100 clicks, you should get 30 - 40 leads. However, the industry standard is a low 10%. The more people opt-in the greater your chance of a sale. This one of fastest and simplest ways to build your business online.

You are paying for clicks sometimes 35 cents , 80+ cents. The higher the cost usually the better quality traffic. Beware not all solo vendors are the same. Some vendors have garbage traffic so make sure you get Tier 1 (Top English Speaking Countries) traffic at least 70%.

Solo ads do not guarantee sales. If you paid for quality clicks, and you got clicks and leads then the solo worked!!!

Traffic Tip                 

The lead conversion may vary from the color of buttons or the copy on your page, you must split test so you find the better performing page. Sales conversions can be determined really with your follow-up process.

Biz Opp Seekers Solo Ads

  • This list of people can be mixed with buyers sometimes. But generally, you will have people who are new to network marketing/ internet marketing space.
  • They may or may not be aware of network marketing, your company yet. Some might be in the research phase and are looking up terms such as XYZ comp plan, XYZ review.
  • If they are not in the industry as yet they may think everything is a scam!
  • Most people will not buy right away..."they gotta do their research." It might take 1, 3, 6+ months for some people to convert. (You earn their trust by adding value).

Buyer Leads Solo Ads

  • A buyer lead is someone who has bought product, service, software, tool, training or joined a business in the last 30 - 90 days.
  • They are more apt to buy than a biz opp seeker. Remember buyers tend to be repeat buyers.
  • They don't think everything a scam because they in the industry already.
  • The best people to target for your business are other network marketers or affiliate marketers.
  • Generally, buyer leads cost most than solo ad traffic. It's always good to know from the vendor the prices points that work for the buyers. Because you don't want to sell $500 products to $27-$67 buyer list.

The Best Way To Attract Network Marketers

The absolute best way to attract another person in this industry is to solve their problem. Especially, when using this specific traffic source (I will discuss more in another post). It's full of people marketing their business and products.  A person is more apt to hear about your fabulous opportunity after you have given them something of value.

​What problems do network marketers have? 

They don't have enough cash-flow. They don't know how to get enough people to look at their deal aka traffic. They don't know how to get leads and converts them into sales​. 

So you need a product, tool or training that can solve that problem. You can simply go over to places such as JvZoo, Clickbank orThe Warrior Forum and get a free account. Pick a product to use as a funded proposal...tool, training that you can sell to help another business owner build their business while you get a commission.

Or you can use a lead magnet to get them on your list. A lead magnet is something valuable you give away for free in exchange for a prospect's email address.


Leased Ad Space - Recommended source if you on a super-tight budget​ this has a community of buyers. Later I will show you the best way target these buyers.

The Conversion Pros- All-in-one marketing tool. Page builder for your funnels, autoresponder, text broadcasting, and marketing training with much more. You can test it out for $1

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