How To Explode Your MLM Business Part 2: Solo Ads

Buying Premium Solo Ads

BY DENLYN BLAKE, Oct 29th, 2016 

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How to explode your MLM business using Solo Ads. In part 1, we discussed using paid email traffic known as solo ads to build our business. In part 2, we will focus on premium solo ads which give you better traffic and leads.

In this post, you will learn what are premium solo ads, what's the best way to leads and buyers using solo ads and where to buy these solo ads. Also, I will share my mini case study: how I got 47-54% opt-in rate and 2 strategies you can use to explode your MLM business using solo ads.

What Are Premium Solo Ads?

We know that all solo ads are not the same quality. One important factor is what countries the solo ads are coming from. You should seek to buy from vendors who can give 70% top tier traffic coming from US, CA, UK, NZ, AU. Why? Generally, people in those countries and afford our products and services.

 Some premium solo ads may run you around $0.65- $1.50+ a click. Also, some vendors may have guarantees on their traffic or bonuses on certain levels.  For example, 40% opt-in rate guaranteed or we refund your money. I personally only know of 2 vendors that will refund your money back guarantee. Usually, a vendor will give more traffic to make for the guaranteed opt-in rate.

Or they might only guarantee an opt-in rate if, they build the capture page for you. This can be good because they know their list and what they respond to.​ Some vendors may even provide the email swipes: headline and body copy used people to click to the offer.

Buy solo ads from vendors who have testimonials also look to see anyone got sales recently.

Traffic Tip                 

What Offers Work Best With Premium Solo Ads?

If you are in affiliate marketing, internet marketing, CPA marketing MLM and business opportunities. I highly suggest using trial offers or tripwires in your sales funnels because:

  • You can get more people will buy a product under $7 instead of a $50+ right away.
  • A person who bought from you is more likely to buy again even more if they just bought. (So have an upsell)
  • The more front-end sales you make the greater your chances of making more money on the back-end.
  • ​Tripwires allow you to self-liquate. (Recoup or breakeven on the traffic you bought).

Where To Buy Premium Solo Ads?

Udimi- One of the top places to buy solo ads. It's a review site for solo ad vendors. You can read the ratings, reviews, and testimonials of others before buying from the vendors. However, if it's your first time and you don't want to sift thru reviews. Look for William McRea (aka Bill) one of the top sellers on Udimi. My friend just ordered 50 clicks from William and 22 leads a 44% opt-in rate!

Traffic Token- one of my favorites, it provides premium USA Traffic. Here is a short Traffic Token review. Each traffic package is called a token. You can as assign 1 URL to that token. The smallest token is $47 for a minimum of US 200 clicks disbursed throughout the month.

As I write this you will not able to get traffic right now. They ran into some issues and refunded everyone's money. So we ended up getting traffic and leads for FREE; which is unheard of in this space. You can also become an affiliate and make good commissions so get your a free account now.


My Traffic Token case study: I ended up getting 31 clicks and 17 leads (54%) on this  campaign below all on autopilot using The Conversion Pros capture pages. I even got 16 phone numbers if opted from the phone even though I only requested their name and email. (pretty sneaky lol)


While you wait on Traffic Token you can order traffic now from the MLM Traffic Center. (William McRea runs both of these sites). A combination of solo ads and monthly clicks. Check out our discounts this weekend only, though!


MLM Traffic Center also offer monthly clicks which are already deeply discounted.  The monthly clicks are distributed throughout the month not all at once!


How To Explode Your Business With Solo Ads?

One strategy, you can use to build momentum fast in your MLM business is to do co-op advertising. Let's say you got 10 people on your team who need leads. You can put together a co-op and have 10 slots with 100 clicks at $54 each.

It's best to use the same capture page and track your results. You may want to run a small test with the vendor first before collected money from the group. That way you know what your opt-in rate is that traffic source. Now, to do the co-op effectively you will need a rotator to evenly distribute the clicks. I personally use Clickmagick to track all my links. 

It's a good idea to compare at least 2 capture pages so you know which page will give you a higher opt-in rate at least 30-40%. This is called split-testing.

Traffic Tip                 

The second strategy is to use solo ads to recruit new team members. If you are in a company that pays $100+ weekly or bi-weekly or has fast-start bonuses this can skyrocket your business. You would want to make an irresistible offer to your prospects.

You would say something like, "For the next 10 people who joins me at the $100 level I will give them 50 USA clicks, group training, an additional 62 biz opp leads and a free 30-minute one-on-one coaching session with me." This perfect when recruiting via webinars.

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