How I Now Deal With The Fear Of Failure And Rejection

I am wrote this to share some my story, epic fail mindsets and ah-ha moments. So if you ever procrastinated or had mental blocks hindering you from taking action.  Hopefully, you can get some value from this post.


Fear Of RejectionI refuse to be intimidated by fearful thoughts of not being accepted or rejected. I’m okay if someone does not like my style.


I might be too much for some people and that is all right with me. That just means they are not my audience! I’m going to focus on the 5%…  my raving fans those that absolutely love my content and celebrate me. We are going to grow together.


 The other day I realized that all successful marketers started at zero. They may have done videos that did not rank right away. They might have shared content on social media and barely got engagement.


Ahh But then … their content reaches the eyes of their audience. Now targeted leads are chasing them and begging to join their business.


Thoughts That Lead Us To Procrastination
Why am I sharing this with you?   Because I want you to be inspired. I want you to push past fear unto greatness. You have a voice an opinion that people need to hear it. A message that needs to be shared. Some skill that you possess that you have downplayed.  I know I have.


Maybe you suffer from habitual research or going from one company or product to another in hopes you will one day just get results. The truth is we all have some kind of knowledge that can be value to others. The trick is perfecting the skill set until you achieve results.


However, most of the time we devalue our results. Thereby we lie to ourselves in saying, “no one wants I have.” This has to do with our own self-perception which is connected to our belief system. Out of which, determines whether we take massive action or procrastinate.


 I knew that I could rank videos quickly for months and yet I sat on this knowledge thereby procrastinating. Part of my problem was deciding what I was going to talk about.  I researched so many things on internet marketing but I didn’t have focus or a niche. However, the roots were my fear of failure and rejection.



My Fear Of Failure And Rejection

Combat Fear With The Truth
Struggling With ProcrastinationInternally I did not think I was an expert; good enough, to take my rightful position in the marketplace. How could I? I did not consistently get the proof or the results that would change my belief system.


I did not have the fortitude necessary to stay with a skill to reap the rewards. I was on to next the “thing” hoping that this new strategy was my solution.


The other thing that was holding me back was being afraid to tell others my story. I had been in prison for a possession charge. I was ashamed of it because that was not a reflection of who I truly am. Ironically, I would speak to small groups in women shelters boldly.  I guess I thought they would be more inspired than judgmental.


My fear of rejection kept me in a mental prison. I did not see many ex-cons turned marketers. So my assumption was that people would not like me. Lol, people who I don’t even know! I was basing my actions on the opinions of what I feared might happen. I did not see how my story could benefit others who also were in the prisons of their mind and jobs.


Then I came across podcasting and was hooked.  I had my topic, equipment and was setting up interviews.  I knew I had a gift for speaking. However, I found myself using a softer voice because I thought it would attract more people. Trying to stifle my personality and blend in.  Struggling with whether or not tell my sorted past to my audience.


I had went to Podcast Movement Conference in Dallas this past August . I had bumped into Nicole s Cooper from Empower Network. I did not recognize her realize at first and then I looked at her name tag then back to her face again. Then I said, “I know who you!” I watch your videos! I remember her making like $70,000 while going through depression. We chatted a bit and took pictures and even exchange info at the conference.


I was glad I stayed for the final keynote given by Cliff Ravenscraft. After myself, Nicole Cooper and another lady had a deep conversation. She said you have to be transparent. I told her about my past and without flinching she said, “you need to tell your story. It’s not about you! You have to share your story it can help someone else.” Nicole planted a seed in me that day.


Attacking The Fear
Then a few weeks later God had me to do a video. Let me tell you it was tough being transparent camera for the first time. There was a part of me that didn’t want to do it but I was going to be obedient. It was the most freeing thing ever.  That was what I needed to be my true authentic self.


The title that was given to was There Is Power In Consistency. So I did quick SEO using Bing (ughh lol). Only to find a book named “The Power Of Consistency.”It dominated the results I saw it was from Lifeway. It was a Christian book!

There was also a video which I clicked on. Come to find out Weldon Long was in prison for 13 years got out became successful in sales! His story was so similar to mines. You should definitely check him out. God certainly has a sense of humor.


Recap… pay attention to what is really holding you back. Get some clarity. Identify your value or get a skill set. Don’t downplay yourself believe and know that you can.


Get some results and teach others. Be you because you will always feel uncomfortable pretending. Well I do. I am not an actress.


Get out and go to conferences you never know who you will meet or how your life will change. Above take action today! I can’t wait hear about your breakthrough.


 What experiences have you had with fear, rejection and or procrastination? Found this post helpful please comment, like and share. Till next time. Peace.



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