Discover The Secret Mini Billboard That Effortlessly Markets Your Business On Complete Autopilot Without You Spending A Dime On Advertising! 

Do you want to convert passersby into visitors and customers?

Yes, then you must add proximity marketing to your marketing strategy.  How do we accomplish this? First, you are going to need a Proximity Marketing Beacon. 

What is a Proximity Marketing Beacon?

A beacon is a small device that transmits a one-way message to smartphones in its vicinity. Proximity marketing beacons leverage Bluetooth technology and Google Nearby.  

This enables a temporary message notification to appear on the smartphone. Similar to a Facebook or email notification on your phone.  However, once the user is outside the range of the beacon; the message disappears. Allowing us stay to FTC compliant.

When the user clicks the notification they are automatically taken a website.


Meet The Royaltie Gem


Auto-Traffic Generation  

Let your beacon work for you. Turn it into an automated lead generating machine. Drive people to your website, offers, or social media, hands-free.  


Mini Billboard

With our Marketing beacon, put your 40 character message on Android smartphones in your vicinity. You can let viewers know about promotions. There is no limit to the number of messages.  


Lifetime Guarantee

Our beacons come with a lifetime guarantee. If you they stop working we'll replace them for free.  


The Royaltie App   

Create digital business cards, messages, connect your links and track your analytics right within the app.  

Who Is This For?

Industries we serve are retail, food, real estate, automotive or entertainment. Whether your brick and mortar, mobile business or hosting events.  

Send special offers to people walking by your establishment to get new customers. Notify loyalty rewards members to come back.

Gyms can broadcast upsell to members yoga mats, clothing, customized meal plans, or upcoming group fitness classes.

Hotel use beacons to notify guests about amenities, the bar

Realtors can promote listings and virtual tours.  

Restaurants/ Food trucks slow days sucks. Instead let your community about 2 for 1 specials for your slow days. 

Stand out at conference/ networking events simply by welcoming everyone. It is the perfect conversation-starter.

Are you a mobile service provider driving around the city then carry the Royaltie Gem with you. Digital guerrilla marketing at its best!

Finally A Cost-Effective Way To Beat Your Competitors!

Attract attention to your juicy offers to gain new business. Give existing customers a good reason to come back.

Why Shouldn't Ignore Proximity Marketing

Let's talk about the facts...

  • Mobile offers are redeemed 10x more frequently than print offers (eMarketer)  
  • US Consumers spend 5 hours a day on their mobile device (Flurry)
  • 56% of smartphone users want to receive location-based offers on their phones when they are near a store (Source: FirstDataCanada)
  • 62 percent of smartphones users said they have purchased physical goods from their mobile devices in the last six months (Source: Adobe Survey)
  • 73% of shoppers with smartphones prefer to reference their mobile device while in-store rather than ask a sales associate for help (Source: Accenture, reported by Internet Retailer)

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Start Using This Mini Billboard Before Your Competitors Do!

Say Goodbye To Expensive & Outdated Way Of Marketing . Put Your Message Where Your Future Customers Are Actually Paying Attention


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