Your sponsor may never tell you this…

Before you get any misconceptions; I love the network marketing industry. But lets face it… there is too much hype in the mlm marketplace.

Like get 3 who get 3 who 3 smh. When the average person struggles to get 2 people join his or her mlm. Even after months of plugging in, doing personal development and practicing “hope marketing.”


It gets so bad that many network marketers company-hop every few months. Expecting that this time it will be different. Hey, I have been there too.

With 97% of network marketers failing in the business. After months, many mlmers would just settle to get their investment back.

Yes, the culture, the company, the products and the leadership if you are on good team. But you and/or teamates are looking sideways at the illustrious comp plan that you can’t even make a dent in.


Look Its Not Your Fault

Chances are you been have not been taught that there is a mathematical formula to top earner status. Yep your teacher was right about needing about everyday math. Ok not…totally I use the calculator everyday lol.


So I am talking about using a strategic and predictive strategy not “hope marketing.” (Posting in groups and hoping someone signs ups).  Deep down you suspected that there was a better way to build your business. Well you here is confirmation.


Introducing The Monthly Income Goal Formula

Watch this short video explaining what to focus on to hit your income goals. I skipped the intro for ya.

I like you soooo much that I included the formula without you having to opt-in. (Ok, you got me… I recorded this video a while back and I am too lazy to make a new one. Plus, I need to finish giving you this awesome content. Don’t judge me alright lol!)


Never ever build your mlm business without it. I’m so serious. Be forewarned…you may not be that gong-ho about your biz opp after seeing numbers you need to hit to $5k and $10k months. Hence this why you should income options open after looking the cold hard truth!

Knowing Your Numbers

I am a very analytical person so my business decisions are not based on emotions, my sponsor, or leadership. Thing only thing I care about is my ROI (return on investment). My business needs to be scaleable and independent of what my downline is doing.

I am a firm believer that you should always be investing in your business. Make sure you always have the tools, training and skills that allow you to rank up and stack your checks.


Monthly_Income_Goal_FormulaI warned you! That this was going to slap in the back of your head lol.

As you can see; in order to hit $5k months you need larger commissions or transform into a recruiting beast.

This not including the retention problem you face  from those that will drop out…Which effects your residual income


The 10/3 Rule

Fact: it takes the same amount effort and energy to promote a low ticket offer like does a $500 – $1000+ offer.

The industry standard is the 10% opt-in. Only 3% buy on the spot. Generally, if 1000 people came to your site only 10% (100) would opt-in and become a lead. Maybe 3% (3) would buy.

I know what you are thinking how are you going to get in front of 1000 people? Answer: duh! The internet but technically paid advertising. I know some people have an apprehension to spending money.

Ehhh! That’s wrong mindset if you are business owner and professional you need to start thinking and acting like one.  When you invest in your business you are building assets. Besides,  you can write it off on your taxes. A conversation for another day.


Decisions and Options


option 1. keep doing things the same way. If that’s you stop reading right now. Good luck to you on that.

Option 2. Promote high ticket offers to get your $5k month faster.

Option 3. Increase your opt-in rates and get more sales.Tweak your pages until you get a conversion rate of 30% – 40 % at least. Make sure you follow up (this is where most sales are made). Improve your closing ratio for example use a bridge video, call your leads and /or host live events like webinars.

Option 4. Have a Funded Proposal. This an offer you can use to get people on the list, make commissions even they never join your mlm business. You can sell tools, products or training people need to build their network marketing business.


Positioning Yourself To Win

If you cant afford option 2 [the high ticket offer] then work your way there. I recommend having an offer where you can make at least $100 per sale. Option 3 is great but… you are still leaving money on the table.

Fact: The best people to bring into your mlm business are those already in a mlm business.

This why option 4 is so blinking sexy. If you got 30- 40%  (300-400 using the 1000 visitors ex. ) of people to opt-in. You would be missing out 60% – 70% (a whopping 600-700 people!) of your traffic.

Chances are that a lot people promoting your company already. Competition is heavy! Some people wont even look  at your biz opp unless you become the leader they want to work with.

For killer results use options 3 and 4 by leading with the funded proposal. Get this…one of my mentors told me; usually 70% of people that got his funded proposal joined him in his main opportunity!

Wow, what would half of that do for your mlm business, your bank account, your family?

Yep, you would way closer to the laptop lifestyle…

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Make money from the 90% who say NO to your business opportunity.



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